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Engineer Turki AL-Hussaini's villa

The smart system in the house of Engineer Turki Al-Hussaini is one of the most distinctive projects implemented by a-Control, which is proud of, as A-Control was the choice of the engineer Turki Al-Hussaini in implementing the smart system in his house, A-Control implemented the smart system in the project In record time, the project was received in February 2019 in the bone stage and it was delivered in October 2019. One of the most important features of the project is the ability to control all lighting and air conditioning systems, curtains, fountains, waterfalls and spray through smart screens The application is in addition to the compatibility of the external lighting system with the times of sunrise and sunset so that the smart system turns on the external lights at sunset and shuts them off automatically at sunrise. One of the systems that enhanced privacy and energy savings in the project is the smart blinds system, as the blinds system automatically blocks the sun’s rays from the house In the summer, during periods of intense heat to reduce the load on the air conditioning system, and in terms of entertainment, a cinematic sound system was established in the home council to enhance it, which can be used to watch movies and matches and turn it on at the appropriate time. Family utilities and Lanness protection and security systems, where security camera systems have been installed to monitor the house at any time, in addition to the intelligent intercom system that allows the owner to open the door while he is outside the house for anyone.

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