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Anous villa

Villa Anous is considered one of the distinguished projects in terms of architecture, elegant in terms of design, and modern in terms of technology, and A-Control was chosen to implement the full technical aspects of the Villa Anous project, located in the Al Rabie district in Riyadh. The Anous project is characterized by integrated smart systems that contribute significantly to the simplicity and ease of control in all the systems of the house, which enhances the architectural idea on which the project was based, as you can from the smart system control the internal garden and the external garden of the project in addition to controlling all the water bodies and elements in the house from all the spaces of the house, making it easy Use and ease of control, and in terms of energy availability, all the bathrooms in Villa Anous are equipped with presence sensors based on the task of running the toilets in the presence or closing them when there is no one in them to conserve energy. It is possible through the smart system to close the entire house through one button or play several preset scenarios with one button in a simple way.

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