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Altahaddi villa

The Villa Altahaddi project is considered one of the distinguished projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and at the level of the world as well.

It was built at a very low cost and was operated with the latest smart home systems to enhance the level of comfort, luxury, and energy conservation inside the building, which includes many features such as the smart lighting system, the complete control system for air conditioning, curtain control systems, TV systems, the swimming pool, the outdoor area, and the garage And smart intercom systems in addition to the network system.

The implementation of the smart home system in the Villa Challenge project has been completed by Alef Control Company using the open smart home system KNX and using systems from ZENNIO and Control4, where A-Control specializes in designing and installing smart systems for buildings such as hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, and residential homes.
It is worth noting that the challenge villa does not have false ceilings "gypsum", as the concrete ceiling is the final finishing of the ceilings in the project, which called the engineers of Alf Control to finish the establishment of all smart systems in the concrete ceiling and this was a challenge in itself, and where I am the challenge villa was built before the arrival of Alf Control has programmed the system to help conserve energy to the maximum degree inside the building, and one of the most important problems that the system contributed to solving in Villa Al-Tahadi was the lack of enough space on the walls to put the switches to control the lighting and air conditioning systems in the project, where the engineers of Alf Control by placing one screen on the ground floor through which it is possible to control all the villa’s internal and external systems, which added an aesthetic touch to the project and greatly facilitated the task for the project’s interior designers.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Zaqqi, from the office of simple architecture, Eng. Bishr Al-Hamwi, from Alef Control Company, was one of the supervisors of the installation of the smart system

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