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Light Controlling

light controllling

Have you ever imagined ?

With the development of . "A-CONTROL" company works on and keeping up with all its details, you can now manage your home through your voice only.

There are three voice control systems available. They are the most common:

  • Alexa from Amazon.


  • Google Home.


  • Siri from Apple.

These devices are designed to carry out all the orders that you can ask by your only, you can give them all the orders you need at home, such as turning off anywhere in the house.

 Smart homes have many features that provide us comfort and safety, and one of these features that must be talked about is “light sensors.” Which sense the movement of people when entering or leaving the rooms and turn off or turn on the lights automatically. In this way, it will reduce energy use, and save electricity bills thus significantly. It is also possible to control the entire lighting system by wifi light switch if you are at work or on vacation. We at "A-CONTROL" provide and guarantee to you the best types of lighting sensors in your smart homes. Always be trust in us.

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