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Movie theater

No need to go to the cinema anymore, because "A-CONTROL" will transfer the cinema experience with all details to your home.

You can make a Home cinema inside your home with all features, from the design of the chairs to Projector also Speakers system.

The cinema room adds a nice touch to your home where you can choose one room or choose the living room to be the movie room as it has some specialty: 

With the big screen and the audio system through them, you can control the volume and the movies using your phone.

And to live the experience in all detail, you can also control the level of lighting in the cinema room from your smartphone to suit the mood of your best movie.


A-CONTROL" will provide you fun and entertainment experience with the best efficiency.

cinema home . home theatre . movie room


We will provide you the right projector with right dimensions

cinema home . home theatre . movie room

audio video receiver

To switch between your favorite video sources, you have to have the right AVR so let this task be for us

cinema home . home theatre . movie room

surrounding system

One of the most important things in the cinema is the sound system and its performance, so the appropriate system should be placed in the right place

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